If you want to improve your personal vehicle, you’ll probably need services such as exhaust manifold tuning. It is the one that sets the muffler parameters in the car’s exhaust system, shaping the correct movement of the exhaust gases at the beginning of the exhaust tract. Let’s take a look at why you n

eed to do exhaust manifold tuning. And if you want to sell your car for scrap, then call the company scrap4cash.

Let’s start with the fact that the factory exhaust system is usually made cheaper – the less metal it took, the better. Let’s add here more ecological safety and we get, so to say, full finish. The design of the exhaust manifold does not correspond to the power parameters of the power unit. Let’s consider in detail the reasons of exhaust manifold optimization:

The exhausts do not enter the intake pipe at the same time. Each cylinder is removed from the spigot at a different distance, causing a true wave-like thrashing at the intake. This causes a counter-pressure effect of different exhaust phases. There is no effective venting of the gases.
In most cases, the stock exhaust manifold is a tube with flanges (as many cylinders as there are flanges), and they are arranged symmetrically. The stock manifold is often referred to by drivers as a spider. To optimize the exhaust process, the spider needs to be replaced.
The optimized intake system is designed rather complicated. They are different lengths of curved pipes. The exhaust gas from the cylinders starts out at the same rate.
The main challenge in custom designing a new intake system is to calculate the length and curvature of each pipe.

Why can exhaust manifold tuning be done fearlessly at an auto shop? The advantages of a professional center are as follows:

The use of parts made of high-quality materials with a high level of thermal, mechanical and corrosion resistance.
An individual approach will be made to the car, and a warranty is necessarily issued for the work done.
After the modifications your car will definitely pass any technical inspection, there will be no problems with the traffic police.

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