If you’ve ever traveled outside of town, you’ve seen road signs warning of wild animals running onto the road. Motorists unlucky enough to hit a moose or other woodland dweller are injured and their vehicles damaged. And maybe you’ve heard of junk car removal scarborough.

The severity of the consequences of an accident involving a wild animal depends on the following factors:

The speed of the vehicle;
Road conditions;
The species and size of the animal;
The suddenness of its appearance and the driver’s reaction.
In this case, not much depends on the driver’s reaction, as animals appear unexpectedly and move quickly. With a lucky set of circumstances, you can slightly damage the car and not cause serious damage to the animal. In a bad turn of events, you can kill the animal, severely damage the car, get hurt or even die.

More often accidents involving forest dwellers occur in the dark or early in the morning, when there are few cars on the road, and the animals become bolder. The number of accidents also increases during the mating season: the breeding instinct dulls natural caution.

Roe deer and elk are hit more often in the North-West Federal District of the RF. Wild boars and bears are less frequently hit. Meeting a roe deer is no better than a moose or a bear, because if you bump into it, its hooves may break the windshield and kill the driver or the passenger.

To avoid hitting a wild animal, follow these rules:

Do not lose vigilance on country highways, especially where it passes close to the forest. Although it is possible that a moose or other animal will run out of the field.
Don’t try to predict the behavior of a wild animal. If an animal comes out of the woods and freezes, stop the car right away. There have been cases where drivers wanted to skip, and the animal at that moment started moving across the road. The result has been an accident.
Don’t honk at the beast, it won’t scare everyone away. Some animals will attack a car in self-defense.
If you hit a beast, call the police and follow instructions. As with any other accident, put up an emergency sign. You should also try to drag the animal’s corpse off the roadway so that it does not impede the movement of other vehicles.

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