Over time, the car’s headlights begin to shine less brightly, the windows become cloudy, and the rays disperse. If the optics are used for several weeks, in this case, it is enough to wipe it from dust. But if several years — it is necessary to polish the surface of the headlights to return the materials to their previous characteristics. If the car has turned into a pile of junk, there is no point in polishing the headlights on it. In this situation, it is smarter to advise on how to scrap a car in toronto.


Car optics can be made of plastic or glass. Glass is considered a more durable, durable material. In addition, modern car manufacturers apply an additional protective layer to the headlights, thanks to which even plastic acquires high protective characteristics. But after a few years of use, you will still need to polish the car and in particular the headlights. Otherwise, the car will look unrepresentable, and the luminous flux will weaken and dissipate, impairing visibility when traveling.


How to restore the transparency of the headlights

After a visual inspection, you can decide how to treat the surface of the optics. Sometimes it is enough to wash it with a special tool. Sometimes abrasive materials may be required, ranging from toothpaste and GOI No. 1 paste to more powerful abrasives. Professional polishing is required if the inspection detects chips, scratches and cracks.


The car owner can contact the service center, or can do the polishing themselves. For independent work, you will need:


grinding machine with attachments with abrasive coating (grain size-800-2000);

sandpaper (grit — 800-2000);

GOI paste (the numbers correspond to the grinding stage: No. 1 – for finishing polishing, No. 2 and No. 3 – for medium, No. 4 — for rough grinding);

shampoo, water, degreasing compound;

if necessary — toothpaste;

polishes for mirror shine;

two-component varnish for headlights;

microfiber cloth;

dry cotton cloth;

masking tape.

When the set of materials is assembled, you need to choose the polishing method. It depends on what material the headlights are made of and what condition they are in.


Polishing the headlights with your own hands

Self-polishing methods

The car owner can choose how to polish the surface of the headlights.


Without abrasive joints. It is important if the surface is cloudy, but there are no scratches on it. In this case, you need to wash the headlights with shampoo, wipe with toothpaste (or abrasive paste with fine grain), degrease and polish. After that, apply the varnish.

With abrasive paste (plastic headlights). Suitable if there is minor damage on the surface of the headlights. Use a grinding machine with the right nozzle. At the same time, you need to make sure that the plastic does not overheat and does not melt. Then the surface is treated with dental or abrasive paste, then also degreased, polished, varnished.

With a grinding machine (glass headlights). It is impossible to process glass with abrasive pastes with a large grain. Instead, the surface is thoroughly washed and prepared for processing (cover the adjacent areas with tape). Then the headlights are treated with a sander and brought to a shine with napkins.

Processing of the headlights from the inside. There are no noticeable differences from the processing of headlights from the outside — the method is also chosen based on the material. At the same time, it is not necessary to use varnish: the internal surfaces do not need protection from dust and moisture.

Thus, the basic steps that make up the polishing of the headlights seem quite simple. However, in practice, there are several difficult points.


If the car owner decided to polish the headlights himself, he may face certain difficulties:


Use the grinder with care. Clumsy movement can damage the headlight itself or the elements adjacent to it.

It is necessary to take breaks between the movements of the machine. Overheating of the glass or melting of the plastic is fraught with damage to the headlight-it will be impossible to restore it.

It is difficult for a layman to choose the right abrasive composition, to determine the optimal level of granularity. Too small grains will be ineffective, too large can scratch the surface.

It is necessary to varnish the surface in conditions where there is no dust and other foreign particles floating in the air. Otherwise, they will stick to the varnish and remain in it. In practice, it is usually impossible to create such sterility at home.

Manuals for self-polishing headlights on the Internet are plentiful. But they are designed mainly for experienced car owners who have been servicing the vehicle independently for several years.


Beginners can make a lot of mistakes. If we are talking about an expensive modern car, then the” price ” of such an error 

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