Aphorisms about women behind the wheel are overflowing pages of anecdotes in magazines. For example, that because of them you have to give the car for scrap to this company: https://scrapmycarnear.me/scrap-a-truck/. And how true these statements? After considering only some of them, we can safely say that the truth in them very little. As a rule they are created by men who, frankly speaking, are far from an ideal driving. Simply the weaker sex, by virtue of its tactfulness, does not allow itself such statements.

Touching the topic of driving for women, of course, we can not say that all the fairer sex are good drivers, there are mishaps, but not everyone and not always behave this way. Take, for example, the phrase: “If men run into other people’s cars, they, above all, look into their wallet, but women – in their mirrors. True statement. But the weaker sex does it automatically, as it’s women’s nature to look good in all situations, and men in these misunderstandings are simply assessing the magnitude of what happened.

“A woman behind the wheel is a driver whose right hand doesn’t know what her left hand is doing. It can be hard to shift gears and hold the steering wheel (maybe because at driver’s courses they teach you to hold the steering wheel with both hands and let your right hand go only when shifting gears).

Regarding the following phrase you can safely say not only to women, but also to men. “It’s not that I have a complex, but every time I need to turn right, I have to remember what hand I eat with.” Such a phenomenon as topographical cretinism is not only characteristic of women.

“The double threat is women who teach other women how to drive.” Nonsense, isn’t it? Especially when

taught by a member of the weaker sex who has sufficient driving experience. Have you ever been in a cab with a female driver? Many male drivers can envy their skill and ability.

“Women behind the wheel are creatures who get stuck in traffic that wouldn’t be there if they weren’t.” While studying, any novice learner of novice driving sometimes finds it difficult to move immediately at a stoplight. But understanding people went around, those who had time stood patiently and waited, and the “smartest” honked and probably said everything they thought about the training car.

Believe me, there is a lot to say about male drivers too, and about their driving culture, and the speeds at which they drive. But no one canceled the cultural speech and behavior.

The main rules on the road – regardless of whether you are a man or a representative of the weaker sex – respect for others, attention, and, of course, knowledge of the rules of the road.

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