On average, car tires last 3-4 seasons, after which they need to be replaced. However, in certain situations there is intense wear and tear, after which the tread is completely worn out, and the car owner needs to replace the tires just one or two years after the start of their use. Let’s talk in detail about the causes of rapid tire wear on the car. If in addition to the tires on your car worn and other parts, and most of them, it is better to take such a car for recycling: https://scrapmycarnear.me.

The main causes of premature tire wear

Runout of wheels

It is not uncommon that car owners perform their own seasonal replacement of tires or save on service and do not perform wheel balancing during the examination. Losing their geometry, the wheels begin to beat at high speed, which in turn leads to rapid tire wear. To avoid this, make a rule to balance tires regularly once a season, which eliminates such runout, problems with tires and suspension, subsequently reducing the car owner’s expenses on the purchase of new wheels.

The main causes of premature tire wear are

Improper camber

Another cause of rapid tire tread wear is improper wheel alignment. This misalignment results in misaligned wheels, which puts a lot of stress on the tire while driving. Such camber problems are characterized by increased wear on the inside or outside of the tread. Such not only leads to tire problems, but also significantly increases fuel consumption. The car owner during any repair work with the suspension of the car should perform the alignment adjustment, and such work is carried out on special equipment, which allows to ensure the quality of the performed adjustment of the wheels.

What are the reasons for premature tire wear?

Incorrect tire pressure

Incorrect tire pressure can not only lead to a significant increase in fuel consumption, but also rapid tire wear. The car owner should look for a small metal plate in the door or under the hood that indicates the optimal tire pressure. Such a check is carried out every three months, and once a year you should test the tire pressure gauges at the tire fitting shop, which will guarantee the accuracy of their indicators. Such a check of tire pressure is not complicated and does not take much time, and the car owner can significantly reduce his fuel consumption, avoiding problems with tires.

Why are tires worn out prematurely?

Running gear failures and body geometry problems
Suspension problems of all kinds often result in chassis problems, where higher pressure is applied to one wheel or the other and this leads to premature tread wear. That is why it is not advisable to operate the vehicle if there are any failures in the suspension and chassis, because this negatively affects the overall condition of the car and causes rapid tire wear.

If after an accident there is a violation of body geometry, for example, suspension body mounting points are displaced or body reinforcements of a spar are bent, all this leads to tire wear and other problems with the car. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to solve this problem in any way, expensive repairs and pulling the body, which is not always feasible and has a high cost. The only recommendation is to carefully check the car body for accidents when buying a used car, and to refuse buying cars that have had serious accidents.

Let’s summarize.

Most often, premature wear of tire tread is noted in those cases where there are malfunctions of the chassis and problems with the geometry of the body, the wheels are not balanced or the camber is broken. The car owner should check the tire pressure on a regular basis, which should be within the optimal range. Also remember that premature tire wear is noted if you operate the vehicle on unpaved roads sprinkled with coarse slag.

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