Fans of high speed not seldom have to face such an unpleasantness, as a meeting with traffic police officers. Laser radar or Doppler radio, which are equipped with traffic police cars, detects the high speed of a car on the highway and as a result: a forced stop of the car, an unpleasant conversation with officers of the post service, a fine and possibly even deprivation of a driver’s license. I also often have to go to this company:

What do you need an anti-radar for?

It is for those, who like to ride with the wind, wishing to avoid unwanted meetings with the traffic police, such a device as an anti-radar is intended. This device is designed to suppress the radiation, to which it is tuned. In other words, this device distorts the modulation of the signal, as a result – the employee of the traffic police can not correctly determine the speed of the moving vehicle.

Division of anti-radar devices according to the type of receiver

Anti-radar devices work on the principle of two types of receiver. Direct type receiver (without conversion) is an older model, but has its own undeniable advantages. The receiver is made on the principle of passive operation, in which the signal from the radar goes directly to the receiver without any conversion, which allows you to avoid using intermediate frequency amplifiers.

There is one more advantage of an antidradar with a direct type receiver – it almost does not catch the arising noise. This fact was the main reason for its relatively low cost. This principle of receiver operation is used by some Russian manufacturers.

The second type of receiver is based on the principle of frequency discrimination. This is the most promising option, as it is able to detect different waves and has a higher sensitivity.

However, it has a negative side: antidar takes a lot of interference, so it has to be tuned for their sifting. The disadvantage of such a device is that it can be easily detected by post officers using special equipment. Besides, Russian legislation prohibits using anti-radar devices in vehicles. In case of their detection, the officers of the traffic police confiscate them and impose a fine. The safest option is to use radar detectors in cars.

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