Maintenance is a set of repair and maintenance work to maintain the performance and overall condition of the car. This procedure should be performed regularly to prevent breakdowns, and in the case of its occurrence, you should immediately contact the car service. For comfortable and safe operation, the following works are carried out:

1. Adjustment and lubrication.
2. Diagnostics and inspection.
3. Refilling.
4. Fixing.
5. Electrical work.

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It should be noted that the order and technology of this maintenance is carried out depending on the brand of the car. In total, vehicle maintenance is divided into:

1. Daily.
2. First.
3. Second.
4. Seasonal.

It is necessary to carry out daily diagnostic inspection and keep the car in proper condition – it is the task of daily maintenance. For safe driving it is necessary to examine completeness of the car, serviceability of equipment and components, tightness of braking system and correct work of measuring devices.

During the first and second maintenance, respectively, diagnostic work, control and adjustment activities are performed. They are performed regularly, after a certain period and mileage.

The seasonal maintenance is performed twice a year and includes most often replacement of tires. In anticipation of winter, the car is “put on” winter tires, at the end of the cold period – summer tires. Also mandatory components of seasonal maintenance are winter engine oil (instead of summer oil), anti-corrosion treatment of the body, etc.

In addition, maintenance is divided by the way of planning. That is, in terms of routine maintenance your car will be inspected regularly. It is the most expensive, but the most reliable type of maintenance. Maintenance also occurs according to the event – when the car broke down and needs to be repaired. And, of course, maintenance by estimate. This implies that you will be given an expert opinion when the car requires diagnosis (or repair) and you must appear at the stated time for inspection.

The most important task rests on the shoulders of the car owner. To avoid serious consequences, it is his responsibility to regularly monitor the functionality and condition of the car, and in case a breakdown is detected, immediately contact the appropriate service. Under no circumstances should the technical condition of the vehicle be neglected!

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